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Regional Policy

In the area of regional policy the Ministry for Regional Development draws up and implements conceptual documents and strategies, grants assistance by means of supportive programmes and - following natural and other disasters of extremely large extent - develops strategies for the rehabilitation of afflicted territories. The texts of conceptual and strategic documents, programme principles, coherent information and guidance can be, among others, found here.


The development of regions focused on their cohesion and boosting competitiveness belongs among basic objectives of the regional policy: each region should have an opportunity for its own balanced development complying with the potential and specific features thereof.


Strategy of the Regional Development of the Czech Republic valid for the period of 2007 – 2013 constitutes the basic instrument of the regional policy, which the Ministry is in charge of by virtue of law. It secures coherence of the national regional policy with the regional policy of the European Union and, in addition, with other sectoral policies having impact on the development of territory, and regionally targeted development programmes financed exclusively from national sources or co-financed from the sources of the European Union are based thereon.


Regional policy gives particular attention to specific issues of the development of towns and rural areas.


Granting State aid following natural or other disasters in compliance with statutory regulation belongs to the assistance to the regional policy. Based on the background materials from the affected self-governing regions the Ministry formulates drafts of strategy for the rehabilitation of the territory, which, following their approval by the Government, are instrumental as initial framework documents for the deployment of the programme aid by individual Ministries in keeping with their competences.