The Ministry exercises the function of methodical and coordination body for all entities operating in the area of tourism. The State Tourism Policy Concept in the Czech Republic for  the period of 2014 – 2020 constitutes a mid-term strategic document, which is first of all based on development potential of tourism in the Czech Republic and is an indispensable instrument for the activities of the Ministry in this field.

The employment of legislative instrument to establish better conditions for the development of tourism in the Czech Republic represents an important goal of the Ministry in this field. By means of clear rules, The Ministry intends to achieve better protection of consumers and to set forth the rules for the operation of tour operators and travel agencies.
The Ministry has been involved in the activities of international organisations in the field of tourism and the outcomes are presented international conference and trade fairs. Through the Czech Tourist Authority - CzechTourism    , the Ministry presents the Czech Republic both abroad and on domestic market as an interesting tourist destination.
The Ministry carries out a number of projects financed from EU structural funds which are going to contribute to the development of tourism in the CzechRepublic.